2023 Subscriptions

Only available in January! Only pay for postage once and GST included!

The 2023

14 books in 12 Months, posted to you


(value $400+)

Valued at $400 the 14/12 subscription means you will get 14 of the new release paperback novels published in 2023 here at Shooting Star Press. Priced at just $280.00 this is great value for new work from established and break out indie authors! There may also be small swag included in some of your boxes – but that would be telling!

The Swag Bag
14/12 + swag x 12

14 books in 12 Months and 12 pieces of related merchandise


(value $600+)

Valued at more than $600 the 14/12 subscription means you will get 14 of the new release novels published in 2023 here at Shooting Star Press, and small swag as above. BUT as well you’ll receive exclusive swag to the value of at least $30 each month. This might be a tote bag, a mug, tshirt, notebooks, cover art and one or more other surprises.


The Taylor

All of KJ Taylor’s 2023 releases plus one from 2022 and 2024!


(value $300)

The Taylor is the feature subscription for lovers of Griffins, Dragons and rollicking good story telling with unsurpassed world building and unforgettable characters. KJ Taylor is a multifaceted, award winning author who turns her hand to children’s books (Hill), mystery and mayhem novels, as well as being a fantasy and magic author of renown. Be the first to get your hands on each of these books as they are released.

In 2023 KJ has 9 books coming out, some re releases, some brand new, and you want to make sure you get all of them, along with some very special exclusive bonuses!

The Symonds

All of Chris Symonds’s 2023 releases (ok – one is January 2024)


($120 value)

In 2023 we welcome Christopher Symonds to the Shooting Star family and publish his landmark Llarriad Trilogy. Revised, re edited and with new covers designed by Chris himself, this story will make you laugh and cry and you will never forget it.  Additionally we treat you to his first foray into the horror genre, The Friendly Patient in November 2023! Buy all four books for the price of three at just $90. There will also be small swag bonus in every box!

2023 Summer Reading Mystery Pack


($90 Value)

Receive three of Shooting Star’s randomly chosen releases from the past six years! Who knows what you’ll end up with! One thing is for sure – summer reading sure won’t be boring!

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