We are happy to supply any of our titles in Braille or Large Print version on request and at no extra charge. Please email for more information.

2021 – forthcoming

Careless ClancyLouise Pocock

Night Witches – Mirren Hogan

Mr Idealize SCAR Studios

WelterTracey Lee

Stones of Power –  Tarran Jones

Sovereign Assassin – Robert New

Dr Hedgehog 2 – Jerry Mushin

Branch & Root – The Anthology of the Trees

Black City – Christian Read


Dr Hedgehog 1 – Jerry Mushin

Poison and Light Gillian Polack

Rebel –  The Flight Trilogy Book 1- Dawn Meredith

Christine’s Man – Jerry Mushin

Kindred Chords – Loretta Barnard




June 2019 – The Fear Collectors Lauren  E. Mitchell

June 2019 –Nil by MouthLynC

July 2019Snake CityChristian D Read

September 2019 Tis the Doing not the DeedSusan Stegall

September 2019 – What Remains – Tracey Lee

September 2019  –  Wither – Tracey Lee

September 2019 – Devil on my ShoulderAura Redwood

November 2019PromisesTommy Cotton

November 2019 – Be BatmanDean Rankine

November 2019The Faraway  – Christy Heather

December 2019What Work Do Yo Do Louise Pocock


June 2018Mountains of the MindGillian Polack

October 2018– Little Yuin – Little Yuin Aboriginal Preschool

December 2018 Shack Life Ingeborg van Teeseling

December 2018Crow Cooking