A Dragon Slayer

Naphtali is an ordinary boy, who lives an ordinary life as a blacksmith’s apprentice with his aunty in the city of Aldun, in the land of Lersia. Naphtali hates it, he yearns for adventure.  But Naphtali has no outstanding skills, nothing that makes him stand out; there seems to be no way of escaping the mundane grip that life has on him. Even still, Naphtali can’t quell the urge to be something great, to be like the Dragon Slayers.

Lersia is a land filled with magical creatures of all sorts. The desert dragons that lie in the east, the frost dragons in the west; the fairies that buzz in the woods with the elves, and the mermaids in the depths of the seas. Each piece of this land is a sparkle of magical adventure, join Naphtali as he embarks upon it.

A Dragon Slayer by DJJ Mizzi will be released in 2019.