Poison and Light

“New Ceres is our past and it is our future. We do not join wars. We do not take sides. Here we have created a civilisation of courtesy and beauty through exploring the glorious history of Mother Earth. New Ceres doesn’t just talk about enlightenment: it is the Enlightenment.”

This is what the tourist brochures say. They will also tell you that New Ceres is glamorous, with its costumed citizenry, beautiful air balloons, the sword fights, and even its highwaymen. They will explain that the residents eschew technology and hate space travel.

The brochures don’t talk about Livia, a rising political star, or Grania, the genius artist from Lost Earth.

Nor do the brochures explain New Ceres’ dark secret: it was not terraformed properly.

Its food is not safe.

Nor are its citizens.

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