Careless Clancy

Careless Clancy is the second book by children’s author Louise Pocock. It is an imaginative collection of short tales told by some unlikely narrators!

We hear first from Clancy’s well-loved Teddy Bear, who worries that she has been forgotten. As Clancy races out of the house, leaving her on the staircase, Teddy Bear invites others to tell stories of Clancy’s careless ways.

Bicycle reveals how he was left on the roadside when it was too hot to continue riding. Ball is upset that she was left in a tree as Clancy ran off for a swim. Mum tells of how her marbles were left in the dog bowl (and you can imagine what became of them!). There is the story of Left Shoe who is separated from her partner, Mr Right. And poor Rufus the Dog was left in the park and had to find his way home.

Will Clancy ever change his careless ways?

Coming July 2022