Cosmic Decay


The battle for the Earth has only just begun.

The world is dominated by the Mindless – unfortunate humans who hunt the empty streets of cities and towns in a cannibalistic rage. Only one person knows the truth, and they’re not talking – at least, not to the small group of survivors who are all that remain, enduring the harsh reality of the dark and decay. 

Living life against this horrifying backdrop, the survivors are privy to the arrival of Visitors from another world who covet the Earth and it’s natural resources. When a ship lands near their encampment, the settlement of Earth begins…

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The Earth has been overrun with the Mindless – humans who have been contaminated with a cannibalistic rage.
All that remains is small pocket of survivors that have been left behind, but they are not alone in the universe – something has been watching and waiting for a moment of true hopelessness in order to claim the world as their own. With the arrival of these Visitors from another world, the survivors begin to unravel the mystery of the Mindless and discover that in a world that has fallen into ruins, sentience is still worth fighting for.

PREORDER NOW October release