End State

End State falls into bush noir and police-procedural genres set in the near future. There’s a strong female lead, it’s uniquely Australian and follows a cold case missing person’s history from Sydney to Adelaide and on to Indonesia, where an inexplicable sighting occurs.

The year is 2035, the story starts with the discovery of the body of long since dead politician Kevin Rowe. The man convicted of the murder, based on sketchy evidence, could not possibly have done it. Kaz Ingham from NSW Premiers Office, competent but with no police experience, is directed to liaise between the NSW and SA police forces. All parties assume that her lack of experience will likely lead the investigation to a dead end…


“If one is looking for a fast paced who-dunnit then End State is for you.”
Guy Hallowes

“End State will keep you engaged to the surprising final page. It’s a crime thriller, perhaps bush noir in the Jane Harper and Chris Hammer vein, but with a sci-fi twist.”
Leonie Henschke

“End State … takes you on a journey through the Adelaide Hills, Sydney, onto Indonesia and its stormy relationship with Australia.”
Andy McGee

‘An unexpected turn towards the end of the book takes the story further into science fiction territory and leaves you wanting to know what happens next.’
Gillian Noble