Michelle Spencer


Michelle Ellen Spencer is a Yoga Teacher, an Artist and a Writer based in Brisbane. She is a mother to three children and is committed to writing stories that inspire compassion and a deeper connection to our families and to the planet.

“I believe that creativity is an integral part of a full and rewarding life. Making encourages self reflection. I get to ask all the big questions. Who am I really? Where am I from? How do I feel? As an artist I am given the honour of initiating a conversation with people, soul to soul.”

What if you were carrying all the stories of your ancestors?

Pia has spent her whole life believing that her mother is a humble wife of a fisherman.

As she herself enters the realm of mid life, she regards herself as better educated and more worldly than her provincial people. Isn’t it natural that each generation believes themselves to be so much cleverer than the last?

That is until one night Pia has a mysterious vision. She discovers that she has been carrying, not only her own burdensome history, but the stories of her entire people.

Coming to terms with the weight of this revelation, she begins to search for a better way. She asks the question, how do I let go and still honour my ancestors? With her expectations low, she turns to her peasant mother for guidance and the truth of her mother’s wisdom comes to light.

Her people have gathered and carried the stories of her tribe for generations and her simple mother carries their collective wisdom. She has discovered a way of holding onto what makes her happy and letting go of what doesn’t. Slowly, through a series of conversations, her mother begins to reveal herself as the matriarch of her tribe.

Her mother’s message is simple-we are in this together, touch the Earth, put stuff down and be kind, but for Pia it changes everything. She starts to consider what she holds in her story net and learns how to let her burdens go. As her mother reveals her wisdom to Pia, she begins to feel the pull of her own destiny.

Available December 2021


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written and illustrated by
Michelle Spencer