Press Release – Dead City – Christian D Read

Aurealis and Australasian Horror Writer’s Association Award-nominated Christian D Read’s final Lark Case Files novel Dead City, is released world wide today. 

‘I’m extremely excited for readers who’ve been with me since 2014 to read Lark’s final job. In the ruins of everything he knew, his bloody minded tenacity, and bonds with his remaining friends, will be tested like never before.’ says author Christian D Read.

Publisher, Cath Brinkley, says ‘Shooting Star is pleased to offer this final book in Kindle and all ebook formats initially.  Due to pandemic related issues we haven’t done a print run but you can get a hard copy as Print on Demand through Amazon.

Later this year we’ll also be offering the collected Lark Case Files and an omnibus with some new added material for our readers pleasure. The last three months have been challenging to us all, but everyone here is excited to release the thrilling conclusion to this challenging, exciting work of Occult Noir. No one else anywhere writes works of this stunning scope and of this epic nature. Christian has cornered the market on well researched magic, mysticism and mayhem.’ 

The Lark Case Files can be purchased at 

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Book Blurb

Dead City: Lark Case Files 5

“The Library is destroyed.

The worst has come to pass. The monstrous sorcereress Bernadette has revealed her final plan. Apophis, the god of chaos. destroyer of the sun, is coming. Lark’s oldest friend is dead and his allies in ruin. These are truly the end days.

They say the cornered rat is at its most dangerous. Bettina, his muscle, now favoured by the lion deity, grows stronger and wilder every day. Scarlet has taken command of the few raged magicians and sorcerers as she can, but can Lark trust her?

And out there somewhere, driven to madness, Jon the Hollow, in service to darkest forces, more lethal than ever. And out for Lark’s blood.

But there’s a secret place, a City beneath the City, that holds the final answer Lark needs to defeat the ghosts of his past and the horror that’s coming.”Christian D Read

Author Biography

Christian Read is a professional writer of 20 years, having worked in video games, graphic novels, theater and novels. Most of his habits are bad for him and he lives up a mountain with a lean black hound. 

Christian is the writer of novels such as the occult noir The Lark Case Files and the morbid fantasy Nil-Pray. He wrote graphic novels such as Karnak, the Eldritch Kidseries, Unmasked, Witch King and Star Wars Tales as well as working on computer games such as Warhammer 40 000: Eternal Crusade and Secret . His works have been nominated for both the Aurealis and the Australasian Horror Writer’s Association Awards