Snake City


Lark’s back in the City

Back working as sheriff for the Library.

Back from his time out with the ghosts. Aware now of who’s behind the last few years of hell. Bernadette, daughter of the Old Man, the cruelest, strongest sorcerer Lark ever went up against.

Back, but not without wounds. . His head ain’t what is used to be, demon scars riddling his brain and soul.  And the Library has enemies where allies were, no one knows who’s who  and friends are thin on the ground.

Then the killings start. High profile, ritual magicians are dying, Ancient Egyptian death magic is being toyed with, and sorting that mess our falls squarely on the already struggling Lark. There’s a profound crime happening, a plot a century in the making.  And Lark is standing dead centre.

PRE ORDER NOW – Released 28th March 2019

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Snake City – Lark Case Files Book 4

by Christian D Read

Lark, zombie muscle partners, allies that aren’t, revenge plots laid over a century and the Library that needs his skills. Throw in a mad magician and Ancient Egyptian death magic …

PRE ORDER NOW – Released 28th April 2019