Dean Rankine

Dean Rankine is an Ledger Award-winning Comic Artist and Writer. Hes the only Australian to write and draw for the Simpsons Comics based on the iconic, Emmy award-winning animated TV show. His other credits include; Bart Simpson Comics and Futurama Comics (Bongo), Bartman : The Superhero’s Handbook (Matt Groening Productions), Rick and Morty (Oni), Skottie YoungsI Hate Fairyland(Image), Hellboy (Dark Horse), Australian MAD Magazine (Next Media), The Beano and The Dandy (DC Thomson), Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land (Action Lab Entertainment), The Mad Scientist (Pearson Australia), A Funny Thing Happened to Simon Sidebottom (Scholastic) and the The ‘Stuff Happens’ series (Penguin Books).

For the past twenty years Dean has also been a Community Worker. Previous roles include: Supporting individuals and families experiencing homelessness, Crisis Counselling, Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Running meals programs and Co-facilitating behaviour change programs for men who have perpetrated family violence. Dean currently divides his time between Drawing, Writing and Working with Injecting Drug Users through a night Outreach Needle and Syringe Program.