DJJ Mizzi

D.J.J.Mizzi moved from Sydney to Barnawartha when he was nine and did the majority of primary school and high school in Wodonga. After graduating high school, D.J.J.Mizzi moved to Canberra for four years where he completed a Bachelor Of Writing at the Uni Of Canberra. D.J.J.Mizzi now lives in Albury where he writes and works part-time.

D.J.J.Mizzi knew he wanted to be a writer from an early age. His love for stories started with Enid Blyton’s Folk From The Faraway Tree and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and let’s not forget his grandfather’s made up stories. Writing started out with short stories as a child, that was more like fan-fiction of his favourite video games – but soon progressed to more than that. When he was fourteen, he began working on ‘A Dragon Slayer’ and eleven years later, he has re-written it three times over and built the world to the brim. The characters are as real to him as his best friends.

In his spare time, D.J.J.Mizzi likes reading, writing, anime, painting, sports, midday naps and sundried tomatoes. He is also an active Christian. D.J.J.Mizzi likes to write at cafés, on his lounge, on his balcony or in a park. D.J.J.Mizzi can’t write when there are people around, the tv is turned on, when he is tired or when it is too cold. He is also easily distracted, maybe that’s because he daydreams so frequently. But daydreaming, to him, is the soil where the seeds for his stories grow.

D.J.J’s first book with Shooting Star, A Dragon Slayer, will be released in 2019.