Jerry Mushin

Jerry Mushin wrote the Dr Hedgehog stories for his son. They are about the animals that his family saw frequently when they lived in Scotland. On evenings when it got dark early, he would put a saucer of milk in the garden and then wait silently, with his three‑year‑old son beside him, until, at the same time each evening, a hedgehog came out of the undergrowth to drink it. The hedgehog never stayed long. Obviously, he was rushing to his work at the hospital. That is how the stories began. The characters are based on the animals that his family frequently saw.The cow is grumpy, the horse is helpful, the dogs are distracted by responsibilities, the sheep giggle constantly, the frog swims strongly in cold water, and the rabbits and hares work as a team. Martin Mouse finds himself in awkward situations but Dr Hedgehog always knows what to do. In one of the stories, Dr Hedgehog needs help and Martin Mouse is able to rescue him. The stories are also about the relationship between Martin Mouse and his mother, who is always worried about him. When things go wrong, often after ignoring his mother’s good advice, Martin Mouse is always worried that she will be cross, but she is always so pleased to see him get home safely that all is immediately forgiven.

Jerry Mushin is also the author of Christine’s Man, the story of Bob Morgan, a young lecturer, who feels buffeted by events that he cannot control. Although he enjoys his work, this is the source of most of the pressure, as the hours are long and his head of department is incompetent and possibly dishonest. Christine, his closest friend, contributes to his difficulties, and he also longs to be ignored by an elderly neighbour, his mother, a former girl-friend, one of his students, and a police sergeant (who suspects him of fraud). Although the names have been changed to protect the guilty, the story is based on the author’s experience.

Jerry Mushin’s previous books are university textbooks.