Jude Tynan

A social worker and family therapist, Jude Tynan has worked in the area of trauma and abuse for over 20 years. Jude has had the privilege of hearing people’s narratives, and their stories have taught her that issues of mental illness, family violence and other traumas don’t discriminate. They exist in all parts of our society – regardless of race, class or socioeconomic status.

We are slowly having more conversations about topics such as mental health and domestic violence, and learning to celebrate diversity, but what is often missing in discussions of these issues are the voices and lived experiences of children.

First to Base is Ace, while a fiction story, is inspired by real narratives of children’s incredible capacity to overcome adversity, and is told through the eyes of four 6th grade children.

Jude lives with her partner Michelle, their two boys, Luca and Alex and their very cheeky dog Flick in Bundeena, surrounded by the beautiful Royal National Park.

Jude’s first book for Shooting Star First to Base is Ace will be released in mid-2019.