Rebecca McGuiness

Rebecca McGuiness is a Wiradjuri mother of three who loves art. Completely self-taught, she has a passion for painting, sketching and experimenting with different mediums. Her passion for art forms a strong part of her identity.  Rebecca paints in honor of her ancestors and elders past and present.  She paints on Wiradjuri Garray and is connected to her Mayiny and Wiradjuri Ngurambang.

Rebecca loves inspiring others to learn. She is keen to educate the next and future generations and pass on knowledge and wisdom to the young.  Spending time creating with her children or just being with her family is very important to her.  I

Rebecca specializes in cultural designs and spiritualism, and her style comes from Dreamtime and guided light. She loves painting with story songlines and story mapping.  As she says ‘I dream images, symbols, colours, people, spirits stories – then I paint them!’