Susan Steggall

Susan Steggall is a writer and an art historian with a PhD in Creative Writing allied to a Master and a Bachelor Degree in Art History and Theory. Publications include: Alpine Beach: a Family Adventure (1999); two novels, Forget Me Not (2006) and It Happened Tomorrow (2013), plus art-related articles, exhibition and book reviews, and book chapters. She has edited anthologies for the Society of Women Writers NSW Inc and was editor of the ISAA Review (the journal of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia Inc) from 2010 to 2015. She has taught courses in Approaches to Australian Art, Writing Art and Design, Audiences for Art at UNSW Art & Design. Susan finds that writing fiction with a pinch or two of art and its history added to flavour the narrative is an enduring and enjoyable challenge.

Alpine Beach: a family adventure,and its French version Sydney-en-Chablais: aventure savoyarde d’une famille australienne,recount the ten years, from September 1978, that the Steggall family (John, Susan, son Zeke and daughter Zali) left Australia to live in the Alps of south-eastern France, so beginning an extraordinarily successful relationship with wintersport competition and a lifelong love affair with Haute-Savoie, its people and places. Susan continues to visit the region regularly, in all seasons. That decade spent living in someone else’s language (French) has added to the richness of her life’s experiences. Because she has her heart, her home, in two countries she enjoys writing about these very different places.

Her first book ‘Tis the Doing not the Deed will be released by Shooting Star in 2019.