Amanda Andlee Poland

Amanda Andlee Poland is a Canberra based artist and Visual Arts educator, who was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Her art practice, over many years, explores gendered identity and autobiography expressed though diverse media, ranging from large-scale installations to photography, painting and printmaking. She has exhibited largely in group shows and completed her Masters degree in Visual Arts at the University of South Australia in 1995.

After teaching Visual Arts for many years Amanda moved from Adelaide to Canberra in 2008 to work in a national cultural institution but was later drawn back to teaching, which she still loves. Amanda believes creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future and is passionate about education, social justice, reconciliation and the environment.

Her artwork is held in public and private collections throughout Australia. She enjoys spending time in the bush and observing nature closely.

Hill is her first illustrated children’s book, which was created using Procreate App on the iPad with Photoshop and InDesign on her ‘Mactop’.