Selfless is the story of Kristen Holzapfel’s work on the frontline of social work and how, after several years in this relentlessly fast-paced environment, she developed symptoms of Vicarious Trauma. It is the story of how trauma rises in ways we least expect and, in Kristen’s case, led to the development of Anorexia Nervosa.

With a floundering career and a body continuing to leak stress with inconvenient regularity, Kristen had little choice but to give up the career that had been both her passion and her identity.

This story tells of Kristen’s experience as a ‘wounded healer’ and as a recovered woman wanting to make a difference to other helpers struggling with the isolation and shame associated with real ‘selflessness’.

It is a plea for helpers to rejoice in their rewarding careers and to seek the support they need in order to continue doing so.

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