Colin Seis

Colin Seis is a 4th generation farmer and grazier with family connections to the land and farming dating back to the early 1800s.  

Colin owns the 2000 acre family property ‘Winona’ in the central tablelands of NSW where he farms with his son Nicholas, running 4000 merino sheep as well as a long established merino stud and one of Australia’s leading Kelpie dog studs. During the 1990s Colin conducted many dog training clinics around the world teaching people how to train sheep and cattle dogs. This initiated the writing of Colin’s first book ‘Working Dogs’ which sold to many countries the world over. 

Perhaps Colin’s most significant achievement is the development of ‘pasture cropping’ which is a method of growing crops that restores grasslands, farms and soil and has been suggested as being an important development in restoring many agricultural and planetary problems. 

In addition to owning and managing  ‘Winona’, Colin’s dedication to farmer education, support programmes and enabling the extensive scientific study of his practices have resulted in ‘Pasture Cropping’ being adopted around the world. Because of this, there are now well over 3000 farmers worldwide, managing many hundreds of thousands of acres, using the technique to grow crops and restore grasslands, farms and soil. 

Colin has been awarded many times for his achievements. Some of these awards include — Australian conservation Farmer of the year in 2005. 

Australian Carbon Farmer of the Year, in 2007. 

Australian Green Agriculture and Innovation award 2012  

The NSW regional achievement and community award 2015. 

 In September 2014, Colin was given the National Bob Hawke Landcare award, which is Australia’s most prestigious farming and environmental tribute.  

 In January 2015, the Australian newspaper, “Melbourne Weekly Times’ called Colin a visionary and suggested as one of the top 6 most influential farmers of the world. 

Colin’s book Custodians of the Grasslands will be released in October 2022.