Nil by Mouth

Just an ordinary human, muddling along, running a public bar and hotel. Then the Aliens arrive. Forced to cater for the Aliens, Ale is vilified by his own people. But worse is to come. He experiences a unique form of torture at the hands of the invaders. Again, and again. Then comes his release, but is it too late for his humanity? Far from his friends and family, he is surrounded by Humans who are now the Aliens to him; Humans, who are not above their own forms of torture; but who are also capable of great kindnesses. He is no longer Human, but nor is he Alien. Step by slow step he comes to understand the strange position he now holds between all the sides. Are all the Aliens all bad? Are all the Humans all bad? Who can he trust? Who is friend, who is foe?

This is the story of Ale’s descent into Hell at the hands of both Humans and Aliens, and his redemption with the help of both Humans and Aliens, and how he reached a point where he could understand all sides, and take the one step needed to turn the tide to save his loved ones and incidentally, our planet.

from LynC Nil by Mouth will be available from June 10th, 2019.

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