Poison and Light

Renowned artist Grania, famed as a painter of light, arrives in a sleek space ship from Lost Earth, ready to embrace New Ceres and its New Enlightenment in its entirety – its 18th century set up, its coffee houses, its gossipy salons, and its obsession with a low-level approach to tech . . . But is she really ready for its cutthroat society, its strange food issues or for Livia? Livia who toys with lives on a whim, and will stop at nothing to realize her dream society.
When Grania marries Dal and sets up her own political salons the stage is set for a battle of wills and poisonous chaos ensues.

From the pen of Dr Gillian Polack comes a wild romp through a brand new world where everything old is new again. It will have you turning every page as quickly as you can read it.

Now available!