The Faraway

When Josephine Drinkwater swindles her way into inheriting the Faraway, a seemingly endless property in the outback of New South Wales, she begins a family tradition that will not die. The first of three generations of strong women who act first and ask questions later, the rugged and sometimes deadly Faraway provides the perfect backdrop for the Drinkwaters and the Clancys to push aside the boundaries of societal convention and good manners and eke out a living from the dusty ground.

A baby born in 1930 a whirl of publicity on the hot sands of Bondi Beach becomes the heiress of a vast cattle property. Bucking centuries of tradition, she takes the reins of both the property and the family, stepping into the conservative 50’s with a determination to experience everything life has to offer her, even if it is forbidden.

The women of the Faraway demand success, and with them they drag friends old and new. Through love and heartbreak they rise and fall, like the droughts and floods that besiege their property, with sometimes fatal consequences. The Faraway is a journey that spans lifetimes and continents. From the lonely little girl walking and taking a stand at a Catholic boarding school to the self-made landowner who leaves it all for Hawaii in the Summer of Love, The Far Away is the fight of three powerful mothers and daughters who step out of the shadows of the men who love them and try to keep them safe.