Branch & Root – The Anthology of the Trees

They are providers of shade, fuel and food; they can be poisonous or spiny; hold a hunter’s shelter or a hangman’s noose. Trees have always been at centre of human culture.

Trees represent many things, magical or mundane, and serve many different roles in both nature and human society. But are they more than they seem to be? Do we really know them the way they know us?

Timeless, ancient, seeing all, feeling all . . . Quietly being all.
What do they know that we might not?

A select group of premier horror and spec fic writers ponder the trees, and their places in our lives.

9 tales of trees gathered together in one volume and printed on the very bark and flesh of the forest. Horror, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, life and death are all here. Visit with the trees… if you dare…