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Black City Now Available!

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Aurealis and Australasian Horror Writer’s Association Award-nominated Christian D Read’s very first Lark Case Files novel Black City, now available 

Christian D. Read’s ‘Black City’, the 1st book in the ‘Lark Case File’ series of dark ‘urban noir’ fantasy, has been rereleased by Shooting Star Press.

‘It’s been a great pleasure to work with Cath and the crew of Shooting Star Press. When my last publisher went out of business, Shooting Star picked up the last two novels. But now, with the series complete, it’s time they took over the entire show. With luck, they’ll publish book two and three next!’

The Lark Case Files are the detailed notes of Lark, who was once a sort of magical sheriff to the competing cults and arcane operators in The City. Then, heartbreak and failure saw him break with his crew. Since then, alone but for Bettina, his terse undead muscle, Lark’s been in the underground.  But now, an artefact, a scroll, stolen from a war zone has come to the City and the various cults are at each other’s throat for it. And what it contains…

The Library, who once he worked for, calls him back to work for them. But the artefact has fallen into strange hands, and more forces the Lark and Bettina can know, are playing their hand.

Maliciously research and based in actual occultism, the Lark Case Files are hardboiled sorcery. Godpunk crime stories.

‘We’re very excited to bring the Lark Case Files home. We’re glad to be able to offer readers the first book of this remarkable series. And to make getting ahold of the books easy and simple, to both online readers and print fans, using new reader-friendly technology. ‘

Available in print or ebook.

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